Hello, my name is Jess Bellissimo.

I love personal websites. When I come across one with hundreds of posts, one that has been maintained and optimized over the years, I would feel a pang of envy. The combination of discipline and creativity required to continually produce content intimidated me. Factor in the “learning in public” element, I didn’t want to put something out there until it was perfect. Until I was ready.

The truth is, you are never ready. You could remain scared of hitting “Publish” for years. Fear is our most powerful emotion, honed over thousands of years of evolution. But for me, the “Fuck it” emotion became even stronger.

I want to think more clearly. I want to become a better communicator. I want to expand my network with like-minded people. I want to open myself up to new opportunities to work on challenging problems. I want to reach a critical mass of people where I get feedback. Hell, I want to be criticized. Feedback loops lead to improvement. So if I want to improve, getting more feedback should be a primary focus.

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Best Practices: build atop the best of what exists.
Unsolicited Advice: Better Yet, Advice I Wish Someone Gave Me